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With plenty of time on hand with a self-imposed sabbatical from work, I casually asked my daughter what should I watch. Never realized this question opened me up to a plethora of shows on Netflix, though primarily Korean dramas.

I wanted to share the top 5 web series that I not only enjoyed watching but I also learned something from the show.

1. Anne — Anne with an E

If there is one show that I would like to watch every six months, it would be Anne. You look at this show differently depending on whose perspective you are looking at. …

Image Credit: Mika Baumeister


There are numerous articles written by experienced and aspirant Data scientists on Data science topics related to Machine learning, be it model theory and metrics, statistics and its applications, Forecasting with Time series, Feature engineering, Data visualization, Deep Learning, and so on. However, as a product manager, I was missing the big picture.

I want to build a data-driven product with all the data science and ML know-how. Several questions arose in my mind. How does ML fit into a product life cycle? How do I equip myself with Data science know-how to solve the business problem in my hand…


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